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BEAT CSGO Lounge – Try again in a few seconds fix!

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If you are reading this article you already know the pains of betting on CSGO! Every time there is a major event you cannot for love nor money get your bets placed in time, you later find out you would have been in the money and you’re super frustrated!

I will show you exactly what I do to get my bets on in time for ESL One games. I made a video of me placing a bet using my fixed method, showing you how I beat CSGO lounge when it’s not accepting bets and when you get those annoying messages like:
“Please try again in few seconds.”

Give me the JavaScript Code!

Here is the JavaScript snippet for placing a trade:

setInterval(function () { $('#placebut').click(); }, 1000);

Here is the JavaScript snippet for getting your returns, use the same method as shown in the video but do it to get your returns back:

setInterval(function () { $('#freezebutton').click(); }, 1000);

I Hope the video makes sense, please leave me a comment if you are stuck.

The Final Word!

Placing bets on CSGO Lounge during busy times is a pain and for some people it’s basically impossible. Use this super simple method to get those broken csgolounge bots to accept your trades!

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