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Paying for Retweets – A waste of Money?

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I wanted to share a recent experience I had, I have been using Twitter to see what kind of user engagement I can create. I am looking at different ways to see if I can get new followers, retweets and favourites on Twitter and then can I get these people to follow me on my Twitch.

Creating a Tweet to get Retweets

I have done this a few times. Create a nice graphic and give people a good reason to retweet your message and you will get lots of retweets. This is a recent tweet I did, where I am giving away 2 x Bloodhound passes for Counter-Strike Global Offensive. I find this works well, giveaway tweets always work for me.

To create a good giveaway tweet I tell them what I have and I tell them what they need to do to get it. They need to retweet the message and they need to follow me on Twitch.

I have picked up approximately 30-40 new Twitch followers with this tweet within a few days of tweeting it.

Paying for Retweets

I found a service called TweetEnterprise where you can find user accounts of people that can retweet your message or even tweet a message for you for cold hard cash!

I spent a total of $11 and in theory my tweet was retweeted to around 3,468,827 Twitter users. I used these accounts below, I have included the number of followers they have and the cost of a single retweet from each account.

@DjKingAssassin – 3,311,591 – $8
@GaminRTs – 102,378 – $2
@ShoutGamers – 54,858 – $1

After I paid, I saw the retweets, it is in no way a fake service. I spent the money and the tweet was retweeted quite clearly by these accounts above. But I saw nothing to suggest that it created any more interest in my giveaway. I can only assume that these accounts are so diluted with messages that the people following them are either zombie accounts or they just did not like my tweet. I picked the accounts above because two of them seem to be gaming related and the other one was the largest account on the TweetEnterprise site.

I saw no real increase in retweets, favourites, tweets or follows… Nothing… Not a thing… I was disappointed. It is a huge shame because I would use such a service again if it had worked. I may try again a second time with a different approach or maybe using some of the smaller cheaper twitter retweet accounts.

The Final Word!

I don’t know if paying for retweets actually works, for me I just tried this service once and it didn’t have any real effect on my already quite successful tweet. For the record this tweet had around 110 retweets before I paid my $11 and at the time of writing this article it had 126 retweets and 44 favourites.

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