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Download videos from Twitch FLV to MP4 convert

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I recently attempted to make a small montage from some of my past broadcasts on Twitch. It is not as easy as you would expect. Firstly there is no way via the Twitch site to download videos, you will need to use a 3rd party website to get the video file from Twitch. Secondly once you have the video file it seems most video editing software doesn’t understand the format. Videos from Twitch download as the FLV file format which I found will not import into iMovie or Adobe Premier.

How to download videos from Twitch

This is the easy part, there is a few tools online which will take a Twitch URL of a previous Twitch broadcast and allow you to download the video.

Here is a current list of Twitch video grabbers:

Once you have the video you will need to convert it into something more useful like an mp4 video file.

Converting Twitch FLV to MP4

For this I use a tool I have been using for years, it is with out doubt the best video converter there is… simply because it is free and it works! Imagine that!

You will need to download handbrake and this will convert FLV files to MP4 files.

YouTube Video – Convert FLV to MP4

I decided to start making some video tutorials to help streamers who visit this blog. Here is my first video tutorial. I will show you exactly how to download videos from Twitch and how to convert Twitch FLV files to MP4 files easily with handbrake.

The Final Word!

Handbrake is awesome, Twitch FLV file format is not so awesome. It would be great if Twitch would allow direct download via their site in MP4 format but for now we need to use this work around. If you plan on using Twitch content to make YouTube videos regularly then I recommend making a copy of all broadcasts at the time of broadcasting, this is easily done with OBS. See option 3 of this article for a brief how to.

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