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Being a good streamer is not always just about being really awesome at a certain game. In my opinion I think what attracts people is your engagement with them.

Many of us probably agree and have read previously that certain things can help your stream like interacting with viewers. Also other things like having the Twitch chat visible in stream or having a follower alert where the users name pops up on screen. The reason these ideas work is because they are creating user engagement, the more you engage your viewers the more often they will come back to your stream.

Introducing Reduced Stream Delay

On the 14th of May 2015 Twitch announced that all broadcasters will now have the ability to reduce the stream delay when broadcasting on Twitch. This means that the time between you speaking and the time that your viewers hear you will be lower. This is great for user engagement. Twitch state that enabling the feature will reduce the delay by approximately 33% on average.

This basically means better user engagement, sometimes people will not hang about for an answer, they will be bored and they will simply leave your stream. In theory you can respond to your viewers in almost real-time now.

You can enable this option at any time, but it must be turned on prior to the start of your broadcast to take effect. You can turn this feature on here:

The Final Word!

I think that the reduced stream delay option is a great feature to increase user engagement, but if you’re worried about being stream sniped in games like CS:GO you should leave this feature turned off. Because Twitch have stated that the reduced delay option does come at a small quality of service cost – particularly to viewers with poor internet connections. If you’re manually adding a delay of 20-30 seconds to your broadcast to stop people stream sniping, it is not worth enabling the reduced delay feature.

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