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Sharing is Caring!

For my first post I decided an introduction would be the best start to this blog. I am a developer and streamer. I have always helped new streamers getting setup and giving them tips and tricks to gain followers on Twitch. I have had some people do some really great things for me because of my stream and it feels good to help people when you can! I hope to inspire other streamers to also help out where they can.

It’s tough when you first start streaming but the rewards and relationships you start to form are really cool. I feel like if you can just help one person then you have one more fan on Twitch. Maybe they don’t watch  you regularly but they will always speak highly of you and help you if they can when they can.

What is FollowTrainTV?

FollowTrainTV is a side project I started to try and help new streamers get extra viewers and genuine active followers. To create a community of streamers who can play and help each other when they stream. You can ride the follow train via the main website and gain extra viewers and followers for free on Twitch.

Why did I start FollowTrain TV?

I was inspired by sites like TwitchAlerts and TwitchStarter also bots like Deepbot, Nightbot and moobot. I am a developer by day and I think it’s great that I can create useful tools and articles to help people stream and get extra followers. It’s like a secondary hobby that combines perfectly with my streaming hobby.

What can you expect to see on this blog?

I hope I can share with you – all the tips and tricks I learn as a streamer. When I first started streaming not many people were willing to help me get a head start which I was quite surprised about. It’s so easy to host people and give them some hints ans tips. I like to help other streamers and the feeling I get by helping is awesome!

Who am I?

I am FiveManDown I am a British Twitch Streamer who currently lives and streams from Switzerland, why not come and check out my channel, make sure you say ‘hi’ sometime.

Why did I start streaming?

I actually started streaming because I was amazed to see that people would watch people play video games. I have always loved video games but I guess in my early twenties I stopped playing them due to other things happening in life. Also I bought a Wii and I think it was a bad choice at the time as I didn’t really play it much. But in my heart I have always been a gamer and always loved games. As a kid I had pretty much every console that came out and this lead my career in to development as my interest in computers grew.

When did I start streaming?

I started streaming Monday October 13th 2014 and I mostly stream Counter-Strike Global Offensive on Twitch – I have a huge addiction for this game. I played since CS 1.2 over 14 years. I also love to join other peoples streams and hang out in chat, I am Twitch addicted.

Wait….. I have other questions!

If you have any questions or need help on a Twitch or streaming subject simply hit me up on Twitter @FiveManDown and I will do my best to help you out.

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